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Froth – Outside (briefly) – Album Review


Froth – Outside (briefly) – Album Review

Due 24th Feburary 2017 via Wichita Recordings

The wonderfully named Froth return with their third album Outside (briefly) which is their first to be released on Wichita Recording. The band hail from Los Angeles and they capture some of the sun and sea in their music. It’s a dreamy mix of 90’s shoegaze and indie that shows enough ingenuity and spark to make it an enjoyable romp.


They open with Contact, the first single which can be heard below. It starts with keyboard and drum, before vocals and the odd eruption of guitar are added to the mix. The song is nicely restrained, hanging off the bass line which keeps bopping along. Shut the Windows starts with guitar and drums, and seems much cleaner than the blissed out event it follows, it’s simple and a little one speed. Passing Things ups the tempo with a guitar line My Bloody Valentine would be proud of as it rips and blasts its way, before mellowing out for the chorus. Petals starts with a lo-fi guitar trickle and some droning vocal, for a more doped out vibe. New Machine is driven by a punching bass line, with more muffled vocals. ‘Show a Flower a Candle and It Will Grow’ is another highlight, starting quiet before the drum gradually drags it out of the haze.

Although reminiscent of many bands from the 90s, there is definitely a spark of invention to what they do. This is at times euphoric and unabashed. They vary their sound significantly and each track has its own feel. It’s best played loud, this guitar driven mash is enjoyable from first to last.

Track List:

1. Contact 04:59
2. Shut the Windows 03:48
3. Passing Thing 04:52
4. Petals 05:53
5. Romantic Distractions 04:22
6. Sensitive Girl 03:13
7. New Machine 03:45
8. Shatter 03:35
9. Show a Flower a Candle and It Will Grow 04:42
10. Briefly 03:50



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