TV Picks of the Week – 30-01-17



Our top telly choices for the week ahead

Film – All Is Lost

Wednesday 1 February, 9pm, Film 4

Excellent survival movie starring Robert Redford in a one man show, with no other cast members and very few spoken words. We don’t even get to know Redford’s character’s name but he appears as a man sailing on a yacht in the Indian Ocean whose journey is set off course when his boat collides with a shipping container.

That’s just the start of his problems and we see just how deep he has to reach to survive against the odds. An impressive performance by Redford that was surprisingly overlooked by the Oscars the following year. And take note of the great soundtrack to the film.


Documentary – Cheetahs: Growing Up Fast – Natural World

Thursday 2 February, 9pm, BBC2

Mr Wildlife himself, Sir David Attenborough, narrates this story of a wild cheetah family and their transition from cute little cubs to grown up predators.

Cameraman Kim Wolhuter spent two years living alongside the cheetah family to chronicle their daily lives – no easy feat when you consider how quick and elusive these animals can be. Wild cheetahs are increasingly nearing extinction and this documentary really reinforces just what we would be losing if that happens.




Film – Blue Jasmine

Friday 3 February, 11.55pm, RTE1

Woody Allen films made over the last 10 years have been a bit hit and miss but Blue Jasmine was rightly heralded as a return to form, largely down to the acting prowess of Cate Blanchett.

She plays a well heeled New York socialite who goes into self destructive mode with the breakdown of her marriage and has to rely on her sister (played by Sally Hawkins) who lives in San Francisco. Jasmine clearly finds herself in less than salubrious digs while living with her sister and can’t help but interfere in her personal life. Enjoyable film with plenty of interesting characters.




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