TV Picks of the Week – 28-11-16



Our top three picks for your telly watching this week.

Documentary – Seven Women

Wednesday 30 November, 10.40pm, RTE1

If you didn’t see this when it was broadcast last March, it’s time to catch the repeat showing. This fascinating documentary takes a look at seven women who were caught up in the events of Easter Rising 1916 – few are recognisable names as women were generally airbrushed out of the history books.

The film is directed by IFTA-nominated Martin Dwan, is presented by actress Fiona Shaw and includes an accomplished cast as the female protagonists including Constance Markievciz, Mary McLaughlin and Margaret Skinnider. The latter was badly wounded while setting fire to a British outpost.

Producer Stephen Rooke says of the significance of the women’s accounts, “We want viewer to experience the events of Easter 1916 through the eyes of these women. Our aim is to rescue their stories from the dustbin of history.”


Film – Rear Window

Friday 2 December, 11am, Film 4

A Technicolour classic from 1954, Rear Window stars James Stewart as a professional photographer who is consigned to a wheelchair for the summer after breaking his leg snapping a racetrack accident.

As the summer heats up in Greenwich Village, he finds his interest turning to his neighbours, who leave their windows open to get some cool breeze relief. But curiosity turns into an almost voyeuristic obsession and soon it seems that a murder has been observed. But is it real or just an imagined event?

Stylish, gripping and one of Hitchcock’s very best.


Entertainment – The Graham Norton Show,

Friday 2 December, 11.05pm, BBC1

When he’s not winning book prizes these days, Graham Norton is doing what he does best – inviting an eclectic group of celebs onto his couch and letting the anecdotes flow. This week, he’s joined by the always entertaining Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt (who apparently is nicknamed the male Jennifer Lawrence). They appear in upcoming sci fi romance thriller (yes, it’s a hybrid of all three) Passengers and share stories from the set amongst other things tonight.

Also on the show is chef Jamie Oliver and singer Emeli Sande.




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