Interview with Steve Bennett – Not Quite Mass – Workman’s Club


We had the chance to talk to Steve Bennett, host of Not Quite Mass which runs at the Workman’s Club every Sunday at 6pm. We quizzed him on Mass points, Audience Participation and Cults. You can see the results below…

Not Quite Mass – Workman’s Club – Sundays at 6pm

Does this count instead of going to Mass?

Not Quite. I’d say it counts for about 1/3 of Mass points as you count them on your Mass card… Right… Is it like golf? Do you want a low score or a high score? (I was raised protestant so I have no idea).

The show is described as “games, interviews, panel discussions and lots more madness”, do you act as ring master to control the various activities?

I do indeed, I’ll be there every week to host the show and make sure everyone is facing the right direction. The basic format of the show is 3 parts: games with the audience, a comedians panel discussion plus one section that’s a surprise each week. Some weeks it’ll be totally different but that’s a surprise too. I promise it’ll always be fun.

Will there be audience participation, or can we hide in the darkness, safe and relaxed?

You can do either. We have very comfy couches to hide and relax. Participation is voluntary, either in a game for a reward, or in a conversational sense for the craic. So far, audiences have been really excited to get involved, making each night very uniquely fun.

Who can we expect to see on stage? Will the line up vary every week?

Yes, I book people who I think are funny. Each week you’ll see different comedians from Dublin and from around the country. Basically, it’s a space for comedians to come and have a chat and show off how funny they are without scripted material so it’s quite different to most comedy shows you’ve seen.

You describe yourselves as the ‘Church of Craic’. Is this a cult? Do you have to give up your worldly possessions to attend?

Yes it is a cult, you’ve caught me. That’s how you get em, see. Run a comedy show for free, get them hooked on the good vibes and then BAM it’s all crystals and prophecy and level 10s going to space. Don’t miss out readers, the only way to preserve your eternal soul is by encasing it in a protective layer of the craic, Sundays at 6-8pm in the Workmans.




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