If Walls Could Talk – New Theatre – Review

If Walls

If Walls Could Talk – New Theatre – Review by Frank L

Written and Directed by Chris O’Rourke

Jul 21st – Jul 23rd @ 7.30pm

The Unknown Theatre and the New Theatre have collaborated to bring this production to fruition. The Unknown Theatre is a protégé of Ballyfermot Outreach and this is their second production which will next month travel to Edinburgh as an Official Participant in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016. The cast of eleven are all aged between 16 and 21. They, with the assistance of O’Rourke, have improvised and devised the individual incidents which come together to make the overall story. The language used is their language, the incidents that are dramatized belong to them and the play enables their varied voices to be heard.

The incidents which dominate are those which confront any group of young people in their mid to late teens. Falling in and out of love with all the excitement and angst which that generates; meeting together in places away from the prying eyes of the older generations; drinking too much; getting into fights; discovering who they are and all the rest of the pains of growing up.

The set is simple with a gable end of a deserted church in the centre of which is a distinctly ecclesiastical window. It is in this bleak somewhat spooky place that the play begins. The space in time becomes a local street, a bedroom, a bar and even a 24 hour, take-away restaurant. The responsibility lies therefore on the cast, with their minimal props, to create the ambience and feel of the diverse locations.

The play lasts just under an hour and throughout the cast maintains a decent momentum. Like many actors starting their careers, there is a tendency amongst the cast to overlook the need for the audience to hear easily what is being said. With more practice, this skill can be mastered. The members of the cast have undoubtedly done sterling work to weld this production into the creation that it now is. They can go to Edinburgh with a spring in their step. Regardless of what happens in Edinburgh, the Unknown Theatre is creating a solid base from which more theatrical endeavour and creativity can be conjured. A solid foundation stone has been laid.


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