Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2016 – Saturday Review

Happy out - Forbidden Fruit

Bulmers Forbidden Fruit 2016 – Saturday Review

This day had a good mix of sounds, with the main stage finishing with the wonderful Tame Impala but also included acts such as Battles and Jungle. The smaller Undergrowth stage had a strong dance flavour and the Lighthouse stage quickly changed between dance and rock.

In the Lighthouse stage Tom Misch played his blend of slow soul music, but seemed a little lost. Steve Mason was a good choice and his music got the crowd going. His unusual banter mainly involved killing politicians and comparing his own music to the Hooky-Kooky. MMOTHS played in almost complete darkness and this live set featured guitar and a variety of electronic devices.

White Collar Boy had the difficult job of opening the main (Original) stage but got the small crowd going. Next up was Battles who were on at the surprisingly early time of 4.30. Their blend of post rock and funk is a bit specialist for a festival crowd, but those that know them enjoyed what they saw. Skepta was the third act on the main stage, which seemed a surprisingly big spot for someone not that well known, but the crowd sang along with almost every line. Jungle were a good crowd pleasing act with many people waiting for ‘busy earnin’ to really get going. The undoubted highlight of the day and probably the weekend was Tame Impala, and our review is here.

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