Aisling’s Seven – Theatre Upstairs


Aisling’s Seven – Theatre Upstairs

Written by Cian O’Ceallachain

April 8th 2016 – April 23rd 2016

Aisling (Susan Barrett) is a teller in a bank living in a fairly grotty flat in Ranelagh with her boy-friend Dan (Stephen Gorman) who also works in finance – in a gaming club. They can barely afford the rent. Aisling has an irritatingly smug sister Aine (Sinead O’Brien) who is a psychologist and has the habit of dropping around unexpectedly. The play starts with Aisling dealing with three different customers from the queue at her bank each of whom is insufferable in a different way. Aisling finds her work frustrating and tedious. She begins to dream of getting away from it all. She works out a plan to rob her own bank. She explains it to Dan and they make further plans to ensure nothing can go wrong. The story line is about making the plans, practising various tricky logistical bits in the flat while dealing with the cross current of the annoying Aine. Meanwhile Aine through her contacts is trying to improve Dan’s lot by putting in a good word for him in relation to a possible job in AIB. Everything becomes to an extent cross-wired which eventually leads to an unlikely result.

This new work by Underdog Theatre runs until April 23rd.

Cast & Creative Team
Susan Barrett
Stephen Gorman
Sinead O’Brien

Cian Ó Ceallacháin  – Writer/ Director

Colm Horan – Lighting Design

E. Kerr – Costume Design

Linda Walsh – Composer

Deirdre J. Lyman – Choreographer

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