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Parquet Courts – Human Performance – Album Review


Parquet Courts – Human Performance – Album Review by Killian Laher

Album number five from New York band Parquet Courts is very much business as usual, with a bunch of slacker guitar-rock tunes. Opening strongly with the slouching bored-sounding guitar piece Dust, it consists mainly of repeating guitar lines and singer Andrew Savage singing “dust is everywhere… sweet” for three minutes or so before collapsing in on itself, falling around in a bed of noise. Which is of course, brilliant, and it’s hard for the rest of the album to live up to it. The Pavement-sounding title track which follows is more straightforward, with a discernible verse and chorus structure, while Outside and, later, Pathos Prairie sound more in debt to the Strokes. Faster tracks like I Was Just Here and Berlin Got Blurry zip by pleasantly but the more introspective Steady On My Mind is more impressive, sounding like Thurston Moore fronting Television.

Little touches such as the incongruous bongos that combine with the angular guitars on the six minute One Man No City and the clink of glasses that creep in and out of many of the tracks occasionally lift this album above the run-of-the-mill guitar-band-with-unenthusiastic-singer albums. Unfortunately too many guitar-tracks-with-attitude such as Paraphrased and Keep It Even make little impression, they don’t stand out for any reason, good or bad. What does sound different is the acoustic It’s Gonna Happen, which is a strange sounding, messy track, lacking in the tightness that Parquet Courts’ songs usually have,

So are these guys a noisy guitar band truly worth caring about? With less eye on the attitude, a bit of work, and a bit more variety next time they could be.

Track List:

1. Dust
2. Human Performance
3. Outside
4. I Was Just Here
5. Paraphrased
6. Captive of the Sun
7. Steady On My Mind
8. One Man No City
9. Berlin Got Blurry
10. Keep It Even
11. Two Dead Cops
12. Pathos Prairie
13. It’s Gonna Happen





Berlin Got Blurry:




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