Truth – Film Review


Truth – Film Review by Frank L.

Directed by James Vanderbilt
Writers: James Vanderbilt (screenplay), Mary Mapes (book)
Stars: Cate Blanchett, Robert Redford, Dennis Quaid

Mary Mapes wrote a book entitled “Truth and Duty: The Press, the President and the Pursuit of Power” in 2005. In 2004, Mapes was a reporter on the CBS current affairs programme “Sixty Minutes”. She was the principal reporter in relation to a revelation about the less than impressive public service of a young George W. Bush while the Vietnam war in progress. What made the story newsworthy was the fact that George W. Bush was running for re-election as President of the United States of America. Considerable doubts were raised immediately about the veracity of the documentation upon which Mapes relied. Truth is the story told from Mary Mopes (Cate Blanchett) point of view based on her book.


Cate Blanchett as Mary Mopes is obsessive, driven and pressured as she tries to validate her story about Bush. Certainly not every “I” was dotted or “t” crossed as she and her team hurtled towards the deadline. The engaging Dan Rather, an eminence grise and anchor man for Sixty Minutes, is the perfect role for Robert Redford now that anno domini is catching up with him. Blanchett and Redford make a good team and one is captivated by the twists and turns of putting the story together and subsequently the attempts to fill some of the holes as all the president’s men defend their hero. However because these holes appeared, CBS set up a high powered committee to review her work in putting the programme together. It seems that controversy still surrounds these events as other news outlets were working on this story from different angles and CBS going off at what was half-cock killed the story for all news outlets. In some ways Mopes appearance before this committee is the highlight of the film and it makes for an engaging piece of cinema. The entire story is told with esprit and verve. It is best to enjoy this film for what it is and not worry too much about whether Mopes’ impetuosity destroyed a scoop that might have undermined the presidency of George W. Bush.


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