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An Evening With Greg Dulli – Whelan’s – Live Review

Grreg Dulli at Whelans 2016

An Evening with Greg Dulli – Whelans – Live Review – 07-02-16

Billed as ‘An Evening with Greg Dulli’, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it. While waiting for the band to come on stage, it was obvious that there was no drum kit, which was slightly disappointing, but it looked like there would be a band!

Greg and band arrived on stage about a quarter past nine. The band started with just two members but quickly grew to five, with keyboard, bass, violin and guitars. The night was a trip through some of Greg’s better know work from the last twenty years, with the Gutters Twins and the Twilight Singers material featuring heavily.

Greg has a reputation of being difficult on stage, and while he had his moments, he was quite relaxed. He complained about flashes on cameras, the air conditioning, and his amps being too loud and then too quiet! He wasn’t at this worst though and may have mellowed over the years.

There was a variety of arrangements, with musicians joining and leaving the stage throughout the evening. The one constant was Greg, who played with his ‘Benetton’ band, with members from Madrid, Milan and Rome. As this was only the third date of the tour, he seemed to be still learning some of the songs, working out how to play them before he started. There wasn’t as many cover versions as he often plays, but he did end the evening with a version of Modern Love, and asked the audience to keep David Bowie alive in their hearts! It was an enjoyable night that moved through Greg’s extensive back catalogue.

Support – Two members of Italian band Afterhours, in Davide Rossi and Manuel Agnelli played support on the night. They seemed to have quite a following and the crowd were very appreciative of them. Manuel played guitar and piano, singing in English and Italian while Davide joined him on violin. It was a short set, and the two musicians formed part of the main band later in the night.


Set List –
The Body (The Gutter Twins cover)
Feathers (The Twilight Singers song)
Underneath the Waves (The Twilight Singers song)
Bonnie Brae (The Twilight Singers song)
Early Today
Papillon (The Twilight Singers song)
Martin (The Twilight Singers song)
Step Into the Light (The Afghan Whigs song)
She Was Stolen (The Twilight Singers song)
Demon In Profile
Strawberry Letter 23 (Shuggie Otis cover)
It Kills (The Afghan Whigs song)
Forty Dollars (The Twilight Singers song)
So Tight
Can Rova (The Afghan Whigs song)
Summer’s Kiss (The Afghan Whigs song)
Number Nine (The Twilight Singers song)

Black is the Colour ([traditional] cover)
The Spell
Candy Cane Crawl (The Twilight Singers song)
Teenage Wristband (The Twilight Singers song)
Modern Love (David Bowie cover)



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