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Lanterns On The Lake – The Workman’s Club – 30-01-16 – Gig Review


Lanterns On The LakeThe Workman’s Club – Jan 30th 2016 – Gig Review by Andrew Darley

Vocalist of Lanterns On The Lake, Hazel Wilde, admitted that the band made a ropey journey from the UK on the ferry to make their appearance in The Workman’s Club – their first performance in Ireland since 2012. Fittingly, the Newcastle outfit also made another journey in those four years that have passed. In November 2015, they released their third album Beings. They sounded reinvigorated with songs that are rich, strange and soaring, while still nodding to the atmospheric pop rock of previous records.

Despite an early technical difficulty, the band brought this renewed energy to the stage and ploughed through the night’s setlist. All five members worked as a unit, in which they interchanged between guitar, drums, piano and violin. Opening with ‘Of Dust And Matter’, Wilde captivated the room’s attention with its sobering imagery of passing out on a kitchen floor and meeting the Devil. Throughout they effectively translated the textures of their studio recordings to their audience. Older songs such as ‘Sapsorrow’ and ‘Another Tale From Another English Town’ were welcome moments in the setlist, however, where the band come into their stride is during the songs of Beings; ‘The Crawl’ and ‘Through The Cellar Door’ felt wild and their lyrics potent.  A tightness exists between each of them and a sensibility of knowing exactly what each song needed. Wilde held a quiet confidence, while it was impossible to ignore the prowess Paul Gregory played on each instrument he put his hand on. Their return to Dublin brought their renewed energy and developed sound. Lanterns On The Lake have arrived at a sound that can bring them, and us, elsewhere. They are at the beginning of something much bigger.


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