Creditors – New Theatre – Review


Creditors – New Theatre – Review

We join Adolf as he is having an intense discussion with Gustav. They have not known each other long but have struck up an intense friendship. Adolf has found someone who he can talk to about art and his marriage, someone that can give him advice. Gustav is an older man and has seen much of life. He is worried about his young friend and fears that his wife is overpowering him, emasculating him and changing him into something new. Adolf is challenged by Gustav’s view of his life and fears for the future of his relationship, but is this advice coming without prejudice or does Gustav have his own motives to alter Adolf’s perception of his marriage?

This is an adaptation of August Strindberg’s play which was originally written in 1888. This new version by David Greig was first performed some 120 years later in 2008. The play is a fast moving series of conversations between the three main protagonists. The duologues are performed in a state of heightened emotion, with a flurry of wild ideas and concepts being explored. The ideas on marriage and the role of women have not been substantially altered from the original, and are quite unusual to hear from a modern perspective.

The set for this play is quite impressive, with a hotel room being recreated complete with abstract art on the walls and brass light fittings above. It has the feel of a hotel in some exotic location, where the married couple have escaped to take a break from their daily lives.

Director Spillane-Hinks has made a clear decision to keep the pace of the play frenetic and it adds to the dark comedic nature of the production. The characters seem easily swayed as they lapse between moods of love and hate, lust and disgust with only moments in between.  The cast all engage well with their respective roles, and we get to see how each of the different couples interact in the three acts. Their somewhat irrational behaviour is entertaining and mystifying, and allows many ideas to be drawn out in Greig’s fine script. It is enjoyable and sharp piece of writing, well brought to life in this production.

Duration – 90 minutes with no interval.

Creditors by August Strindberg in a version by David Greig
Jan 25th – Feb 6th @ 7.30pm ( + @ 2.30pm on Jan 30 & Feb 3)
Tickets: €16 (€12.50 conc. €10 groups of 10+)

Directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks (The Motherf**cker with the Hat, Pilgrim)

Ronan Leahy (Oedipus, An Enemy of the People),
Susan Bracken (From Both Hips, The Bear)
Kevin Olohan (PALS: The Irish at Gallipoli, Cirque des Reves).

Producer: Aisling O’Brien
Sound Designer: Ivan Birthistle
Costume Designer: Barbara McCarthy
Lighting Designer: Hanna Bowe
Set Designer: Cait Corkery
Stage Manager: Chris Nugent

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