A Year In Music – Martin Donnelly (The Savings and Loan)


Killian Laher asked Martin Donnelly (The Savings and Loan) for his thoughts on music this year. You can read the results below.

Tell me about some of the music you enjoyed most in 2015, can be new or old.

The main highlight was obviously Sharon Van Etten’s “I Don’t Want To Let You Down” EP. Whatever she does is cause for much rejoicing round this place. Other things I’ve loved this year (from this year) would be Father John Misty’s “I Love You Honeybear” and Le Thug’s “Place Is” EP. From recent years I keep going back for more of the Alvvays album, Laura Marling, and Arctic Monkeys’ “AM” but mostly I listen to OLD MAN MUSIC now.



Anything that particularly disappointed?

I don’t really get disappointed by music these days, only sport and politics. Music tries its best. How could that disappoint?

What sort of year have you had yourself?

No bad. I’ve put on a lot of weight but that’s a sign of contentment, I guess. And spending too much time on my arse on trains and planes etc. I finished writing the next album and, as an inveterate tinkerer in thrall to Paul Valéry, this is surely a thing to celebrate.



How important is music in your life these days?

I’m now totally conservative. I listen to Sounds of the Sixties, rock classics, the Stones, the Kinks, Them… You don’t even want to know about the ancient blues and doo wop stuff I’ve been playing. So, music’s as important as it ever was, i.e. central, but not so much the newer stuff, above-noted exceptions notwithstanding.

Non-musical highlight of 2015?

My two year old daughter is a constant delight. That said, I had an entire sunny afternoon to myself in Brussels in the spring and that was pretty sweet too.

What’s in store for you for 2016?

The second Savings and Loan album will probably drop, assuming Bush (Andrew) and I can clear the same space in our diaries. Stock up on bunting. There will be more work travel than is healthy, and of course Armagh for Sam and Boston C’s for the Larry O’Brien… sportsing pretty hard out there.


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