The Queen of Ireland – DVD Release and Queen’s Speech!


Miss Panti  – Queen of Ireland – DVD Release – by Frank L

At a suitably glittering occasion in the Panti Bar, Miss Panti at the unlikely hour of 10.30 a.m. (nota bene a.m. not p.m.) launched the DVD of her mega successful and highly acclaimed film The Queen of Ireland directed by Conor Horgan. Miss Panti was dressed in a stunning Tim Ryan ribbon dress of many hues and even at that extraordinarily early hour of the morning her magnificent head of hair was perfectly coiffed. She hosted a select group to a brunch (all on the healthy side except the bellinis) during the course of which Miss Panti let slip that on Christmas Day she is making a television broadcast to the nation. No doubt anything Betty Windsor in Buckingham Palace can do Miss Panti, the Queen of Ireland can do better e.g. Miss Panti owns a dog “Penny” who is cuter than a corgi.

As the movie portrays, Miss Panti and her creator Rory O’Neill make for the most compelling viewing. It is all about Ireland now and Miss Panti the court jester, to use one of her own expressions, knows how to tell it as it is. As the pressure of finding the correct gift mounts as the big day looms, Miss Panti’s DVD may well solve many problems for those above 18!





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