Moving On – Documentary Review


Moving On – Review by Frank L.

Created on behalf of the Peter McVerry Trust and St.Gobain plc

This is a short documentary which tells how the Peter McVerry Trust, which is at the forefront of combating the varied problems which surround homelessness, and the French international buildings material company St. Gobain combined together to convert a derelict house in Dublin 8, previously owned by Dublin City Council, into 6 apartments. Each apartment is now a home for a young man or woman who had been living in hostel accommodation. The documentary explains how finance from St. Gobain together with their knowledge of the building industry combined together with the deep understanding of the Trust of the issues which are at the core of homelessness to create these new homes. As a result hope and security is now a tangible prospect for the 6 individuals.

The documentary follows the experience of a young man and a woman who found themselves as clients of the Trust and living in a hostel. The documentary emphasises that many young people who find themselves forced so to live are not drug addicts or alcoholics as is the popular perception. Mostly they are there arising from difficulties within their families. For a variety of reasons they find their situation intolerable and feel they have no other option but to leave home. The Trust helps these individuals to make a go of their lives but they need housing. St. Gobain have shown a way how a responsible business can make a significant contribution to the lives of the people who need the Trust. Into the future, St. Gobain intend to continue their support of the Trust by providing skills training in the building industry for individuals with whom the Trust works.

This is an uplifting documentary. Undoubtedly in relation to the complex issues which surround housing the Peter McVerry Trust/ St.Gobain initiative is but an acorn but from acorns oak trees can and do grow. For the benefit of society as a result of this imaginative project and this documentary, it is to be hoped that many acorns will find fertile soil and grow into fine oak trees providing security to those who need a home.

Find out more about the Peter McVerry Trust here.



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