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Top 10 Albums of 2015 – Killian Laher


In our first list of the year, Killian Laher shares his thoughts on a year in music!


10. Juliana Hatfield Three – Whatever, My Love

The return of the JH3 was a bright, poppier affair than 1993’s Become What You Are. And it rounds out the ten nicely.


9. Duke Garwood – Heavy Love

A really vague, woozy collection of smoky rock.



8. Swervedriver – I Wasn’t Born To Lose You

Heavy shoegaze is back! Not so much dreampop here, these guys always rocked harder than most of the fey shoegazers.


7. Ryan Adams – 1989

Some days I hate myself for liking this. It’s just a load of Taylor Swift covers, right? But the guitars on the album are really superb.


6. METZ – II

Hard rocking, shouty trashy old noise? Maybe, but at times they could be a band to get really excited about.


5. Max Richter – from SLEEP

Probably the most lovely album released this year – absolute bliss.


4. California X – Nights In The Dark

Pop tunes combined with sledgehammer riffs. Go get ’em.


3. Sun Kil Moon – Universal Themes

Look beyond what a complete twat Mark Kozelek is as a person and you’ll find a finer, more complex set of melodies than Benji.


2. Low – Ones and Sixes

Possibly rock’s most consistent band, another really strong album from the great survivors of slowcore.


1. Nite Fields – Depersonalisation

One of the first albums released this year, and still the strongest. An album in the truest sense of the word, it creates a world which you can immerse yourself in. A kind of murky, dark world.


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