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Cheatahs – Mythologies – Album Review


Cheatahs – Mythologies – Album Review by Killian Laher

Cheatahs’ debut album, released last year, was a thrilling distillation of what can only be described as ‘shoegaze’. Not very distinctive or original but so very perfectly put together you couldn’t help but enjoy it. This time out they’ve gone with a slightly excessive thirteen tracks and by the sounds of things, attempted to vary the formula a bit. Opening track Red Lakes has all the elements in the right place, drowsy vocals, distorted guitars and a dreamy melody. But where the debut album rocked, this track just plods along pleasantly. It’s the first of many tracks you could say this about. Channel View attempts to vary the formula by allowing the guitars to jangle and eyes to gaze a lightly… upwards. But it sounds more like Doves, not a bad song, but nothing special either.

It’s almost as if they thought the first album was a little TOO shoegaze-by-numbers, and throughout the album you can hear the sound of a band trying to find their own sound. But what that actual sound is, is anyone’s guess. Too many tracks, In Flux, Freak Waves amongst them, slip by making little impression. There is the odd welcome diversion, such as the Boards of Canada keyboards thrown into Signs To Lorelei, and the oppressive keyboards of Reverie Bravo at least convey a sense of finality.

Fair play to them for resisting the temptation to deliver a second helping of pure shoegaze. However what we’re left with doesn’t really inspire. Perhaps time for them to take a slow dive into a new direction?

1. Red Lakes (Sternstunden)
2. Channel View
3. In Flux
4. Freak Waves
5. Signs To Lorelei
6. Hey, Sen
7. Deli Rome
8. Colorado
9. Su-pra
10. Seven Sisters
11. 紫 (Murasaki)
12. Mysteci
13. Reverie Bravo

Seven Sisters:

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