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We Deserve This – Pacific – Album Review


We Deserve This – Pacific – Album Review by Killian Laher

We Deserve This is the brainchild of Jan-Dirk Platek. On his latest album, he introduces us to a set of post-rock fused with doom metal. And it’s thrilling. Opening track The Moon, The Stars and Everything Else sounds as apocalyptic as anything early Metallica did. Pacific and 12/13/13 are proper metal instrumentals but the chord changes are a cut above the run of the mill, switching between unpredictable and exciting.

The thrills come thick and fast on this album, the early-90s-grunge-evoking A Cloud and A Memory is powerful and anthemic. Later, Pre Caution / Post Action provides a breather, it’s heavy alright but it takes a breath between riffs.

This is right up the alley of anyone who likes downbeat instrumental music with a bit of edge, the guitars hit that bit harder than most of their peers. Equally it will appeal to the more contemplative metal fan. With most of the tracks in and around the four minute mark, there’s no outstaying of welcomes here. It’s available from bandcamp.



Tracklist –

1. The Moon, The Stars And Everything Else
2. Pacific
3. Atlantic
4. A Cloud and A Memory
5. Pre Caution / Post Action
6. 12/13/13
7. I Quit
8. The Serious Ending

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