A Letter From Neil Hannon – New Divine Comedy Album


The letter below just dropped onto the Divine Comedy Facebook page, which is a time line of events which happened and could have happened, with some good news at the end!

Hello Everyone,

I’m getting too old for all this. Two weeks in the stu-stu-studio and I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus. Thankfully it all went exceedingly well and all the tracks are in good shape (even if their creator isn’t).

Let me give you a rough timeline of this record:

2010 – Bang Goes The Knighthood is released to universal acclaim. It’s showered with awards and sells 800,000 copies… oh hang on.

2011 – Being a well known monarchist, Neil completes compositions for the Royal Opera House and Royal Festival Hall. Everyone adores them and he becomes even more famous and wealthy than he already is… um no, that’s not right.

2012 – Neil thinks he ought to start writing a new DC album. Goes to the pub with Thomas and Tosh instead. Starts work on cricket album the following week.

2013 – Neil comes home from DLM tour, makes a cup of tea, twiddles his thumbs, tries to remember what he was about to do before he went to the pub. Oh yeah, DC album! Off he trots to his and Cathy’s writing room in the National Concert Hall (for which he most heartily thanks the NCH). By the end of 2013 there are 7 or 8 recognisable tunes. Strangely though it’s all banging synth pop…

2014 – to begin with it’s just more synth pop, then gradually things start to slant in a more Hannon-ish direction. By the summer there are maybe 14 or 15 tunes in a myriad of different styles and incarnations. Then Neil and Cathy decide to move house…

2015 – …the lord of all he surveys scratches his lordly head and tries to remember what he does for a living. Of course, DC album! By April/May there are around 22 songs. ‘That’ll have to do’, he sighs, and calls his unbelievably patient manager. Over the summer he struggles (while watching the cricket) with which songs should make the album and in what order. For a long time it is a double album. But that’s just silly. Eventually conclusions are reached, 22 songs are reduced to 13, studios and musicians are booked, brows perspire.

Cut to present day.

I must say it’s all sounding splendid. With that of course comes the added pressure of not wanting to bugger it up. Which is surprisingly easily done. I’ve a couple of weeks now until it’s back to Londinium for the orchestral sessions. A short while after that we will attempt to mix it. Then master it. Manufacture it. Release (probably not til the Spring at the earliest.) Promote. Tour. Go home. Twiddle thumbs. Start a new one. Aaaggghhhh!!!!

Happy days

Neil x

PS, don’t worry, I bought some new jumpers at the airport 🙂



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