Scotch & Soda – Spiegeltent – Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival


Scotch and Soda created by Company 2, Brisbane

The Spiegeltent’s warm charm with small gilded wooden chairs in circular rows around the stage provide the spot-on mood for this eclectic performance of acrobatic skills and jazz inspired music. Waiting for the performance to begin, a small girl comes on stage where she runs and twirls a hat as if she was playing all on her own in a child’s paradise. Gradually the band members, horn players, a drummer and a bass drift casually onto stage along with the acrobats. They just sort of arrive as if by chance. But there is nothing haphazard about this troupe. The performance began on the dot of 7pm. It was indicative of the split second timing which characterises the entire of this delightful happening.

The band rejoice in the splendid name of the Crusty Suitcase Band and they are dressed in clothes that probably a charity shop might reject. But there is a harmony in their attire as if it had been all snatched from a late Victorian or Edwardian seaside postcard. These faded tones also inspired the costumes of the acrobats. They are three men (one tall, one small and one middle sized chunky) and two women (one smaller than the other). The disparity in their physique combined with the agility and strength of their bodies ensured they held their audience captive throughout. It all happens very rapidly and it is difficult to extol any one physical feat. Perhaps the most memorable moment was a more quiet one when an aviary, created by four poles, held in place by ropes by four of the acrobats, emerged covered in a see-through gauze on the stage. The fifth acrobat became a bird woman and charmed two budgerigars and the three of them worked in time to the Band’s accompaniment.

This troupe from Australia is a delight. On Friday evening coming out of the Spiegeltent into the persistent rain, the warmth of the Australian climate seemed to have permeated the gloom.

Scotch & Soda

Dates Sep 08 – 13, Sep 15 – 19.
Other performances Sep 12, Sep 19, Sep 20.
Tickets Tues, Wed, Sat matinee €28. Thurs, Sun €32 / Fri, Sat €34.
Duration 75 mins
Spiegeltent in Wolfe Tone Square


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