Marky Mac Sherry Tells It Like It Is – New Theatre – Review – Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival


Marky Mac Sherry Tells It Like It Is – Martin Sharry

Martin Sharry is an unusual character. He is a tall ungainly man, with scruffy hair, jeans and odd socks. He’s from the big G, the home of ‘The Galway Races, Galway Bay and Supermacs’ as he says himself. He’s from the city though, so not one of those country folks. This is his chance to tell it like it is…

This is a one man show, which could be loosely described as comedy. Even Martin himself isn’t quite sure what it is, it’s not quite theatre and it’s not quite comedy, but falls somewhere between the two. He stands at a microphone and works his way through his thoughts and observations on a wide variety of topics; discrimination against those on the dole, advertising attempts to get the populace to pay their TV licence and to ‘bin your gum’, guide dogs and sign language for deaf dogs, dealing with illness and his discussions with philosophers. Let’s just say a lot of ground is covered.

There are gags contained within  the show, but the rate at which they are delivered is too slow to really be a stand up show. The delivery is dead pan and there is an abundance of nervous energy in the room. No one is quite sure whether to laugh or not, but sporadic bursts happen here and there as some moments resonate with individuals. It’s an unusual experience but Martin is an unusual man, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Marky Mac Sherry Tells It Like It Is – Martin Sharry

Dates Sep 08 – 12 @ 20:00.
Tickets €15 / €13 conc.
Duration 70 mins.
The New Theatre

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