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Tall Firs – Ghostlight Ensemble – Album Review


Tall Firs – Ghostlight Ensemble

Tall Firs are a pair of laid back, laconic American guitar strummers. Signed to Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, Ghostlight Ensemble is their fourth album. Don’t expect to find this one too easily, there are few details available online, as if the pair couldn’t quite be bothered to tell anyone the album is out!

The music itself is pretty pleasant, intricate strummed folk with drawling vocals. Ghostlight is a prime example of this, and it will be of interest to anyone who enjoyed Thurston Moore’s Demolished Thoughts album. Winter Wind is enhanced by ghostly backing vocals and a gorgeous cello part, fitting well with the trademark drawled vocals which are reminiscent of seventies-era Lou Reed. On tracks like Clown and Street Hassle, the melodies hark back to Reed’s Berlin album, notwithstanding the latter track’s title, conveying plenty of the callous, disconnected feel of that album. Not even a banjo can save Street Hassle from the gutter. Weeping Willow has a darker hue to its melody and with heavier, skronkier guitars it could easily pass as Sonic Youth. On the other hand, the delicate Cling To You could almost be one of John Martyn’s folkier moments, or even Nick Drake.

The lazy vibe can feel a bit samey at times but there’s no denying the guitar interplay and the atmosphere created. None of these tracks outstay their welcome and at times the pair unleash some quite beautiful guitar picking. One to soundtrack contemplative, autumnal moments.

Tall Firs on Soundcloud

Track List –

1. Ghostlight
2. Winter Wind
3. Clown
4. Dirty Memories
5. Johnny
6. Weeping Willow
7. Cling To You
8. Street Hassle
9. Ms Thing
10. Panic Dreams

Winter Wind: Tall Firs – Winter Wind


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