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Collapse. Rebuild – Fail Again, Fail Better – Album Review


Collapse. Rebuild – Fail Again, Fail Better Review by Killian Laher

Italian post-rockers Collapse.Rebuild have just released their rather short (5 tracks) debut album, complete with Beckett referencing title. It’s clear from the opening notes of the first track The Moon Is A Rainy Place Pt 1 that the band are great musicians and have real grasp of dynamics, how to build gradually and all the essentials of the genre. Why they felt the need to end the track prematurely after just over three minutes is anyone’s guess. On Ode to Q they have a little more room to stretch out, with heavier riffs and thrilling changes of pace on probably the strongest of the five.

Paul Killed Laura Palmer sweeps along in a way that will be of interest to anyone who enjoys God Is An Astronaut. In contrast to the earlier material, In The Haze occupies much of its six minute duration with patient build up before unleashing the power chords three quarters of the way in. As for the closing track it’s six minutes of mainly heavy riffs not too far off Northern heavyweights And So I Watch You From Afar

An interesting, if a little short, instrumental album.

1. The Moon Is A Rainy Place Pt 1
2. Ode to Q
3. Paul Killed Laura Palmer
4. In The Haze
5. The Moon Is A Rainy Place Pt 2


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