Ane Brun – New Single and Irish Date – 7-12-15

Ane Brun_Directions_jpeg Photo credit Aida Chehrehgosha

Ok, so it’s only March, and the gig in Vicar street is the best part of 9 months away, but it’s still something to look forward to, right? Think of it in the run of to next Christmas (shudder). In the mean time, we’ll have to make do with the single below and the very cool photo above!

ANE BRUN announces new single ‘DIRECTIONS’ & Irish concert

Monday December 7th Vicar Street, Dublin – tickets on sale soon

Swedish based Norwegian ANE BRUN unveils her new single, ‘Directions’, which is released by BRUN’s own label, Balloon Ranger Recordings, today March 10, 2015.  On December 7th 2015 she will return to Ireland for one concert in Vicar Street, Dublin – tickets on sale soon.  ‘Directions’ is taken from her forthcoming – as yet untitled – album due for release in the fall 2015, and follows the surprise arrival of a live album, Songs Tour 2013, at the end of November 2014.  Her last performance in Ireland was a sold out Vicar Street show in late 2013.

‘Directions’ hints at the path BRUN has taken with the new album, much of which finds her further pursuing the rhythmic qualities central to a number of songs on her previous record.  It’s a particular departure for BRUN, who dispensed with writing on guitar and piano – as she’s always done in the past – and instead sketched out her ideas for the song on her phone using an app that allowed her to record and layer different tracks. “It includes rhythm samples that you can compose to,” she elaborates, “and that´s how I built the song, by laying down the bass line with my voice and then writing the melody on top of that. There were no melodic instruments involved, which is something new to me.” The demo was then completed with lyrics that she’d written some years earlier and had recently rediscovered in one of her old notebooks, though these were later rewritten.

“When I finished it,” she recalls, “I thought, This is going to be a great song. But the lyrics felt really wrong, because I didn’t feel that way any more. It was something I felt years ago. So I started writing the opposite, and all these images came. It was a nice experience to do that, because sometimes when I’ve written a lyric I look through it and I feel resistance somewhere: This is not what is true right now. So sometimes I change perspective to make it feel right. It’s very intuitive, and I think this song represents the kind of changes I’ve made in how I approach life. It’s about feeling strong, about feeling powerful. You can see that anything’s possible.”

BRUN also confides that, like the single, her new album will be “more extrovert”, and reveals that it’s found her returning to music that played a big role for her as a teenager. “I have this long Spotify playlist of stuff like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, this amazing trip hop, jazz and electronica stuff. I listened to that, and wondered, What is it I like about this?” she continues. “Also, some Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington, that kind of stuff: the raw sound of those albums, which inspired those ‘90s albums. I wanted my voice to float on top of beats this time.”

Further details of ANE BRUN’s new album will be released soon.

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