The Swing – Theatre Upstairs – Review


The Swing by Aislinn O’Byrne – Review by Frank L.

A modern fairy tale skilfully written and performed by Aislinn O’Byrne. While neither Little Red Riding Hood nor the Wicked Witch make an appearance, a dark threatening forest does together with a nasty elder sister, a sinister old lady who lives next door, a man in an old house in the depths of the forest and a yappy little dog! It is this cast of characters that O’Byrne as Siobhan brings to life with an impressive range of variation in her voice and body. The nasty older sister and the little dog are particularly impressive. She also creates Siobhan’s parents who add greatly to the variety that is on stage. It is a world of fantasy and you enter into it with trust. It is a spellbinding performance.

She is ably assisted by a delightful set by Simon Burke which contains a wonderful golden backdrop in front of which is a cute white picket fence. There is a garden swing on the left and a small flower bed on the right which has a gnome lurking within it. It all makes you think you are in a safe place but the choice of Pete Seeger singing “Little Boxes” as you take your seat in the auditorium gives you an inkling that what superficially may appear safe when analysed just a little, may be a bit more unnerving. This modern day fairy tale turns out to be as unsettling as real life traverses Siobhan’s fantasy.

Clodagh Mooney Duggan’s direction assists ably in making the story telling fantastical and allows Aislinn O’Byrne to use the full scope to her varied talents. The Theatre Upstairs provides the setting for this glimpse of childhood escapism. It is a gem of lunchtime theatre.

The Swing at Theatre Upstairs


10 February 2015 – 21 February 2015

Tues – Sat @ 1PM

Thurs – Sat @ 7PM
TICKETS €10 / €8 concession

Includes light lunch at 1PM performances

Aislinn O’Byrne / SIOBHAN
Writer / Aislinn O’Byrne

Director / Clodagh Mooney Duggan

Set Design / Simon Burke

Lighting Design / Daniel Cunningham

Photography & Visual Design / Ste Murray


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