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Black Science – Issues 1 – 8 – Review

Black Science

Black Science is a new ongoing series from Image Comics by writer Rick Remender and artist Matteo Scalera. As the name would suggest it is a science fiction series, that delves into travel between different realms of reality. Grant McKay is the main character, a former member of The Anarchistic Order of Scientists who has achieved the impossible and found a way to travel between this and other universes. However, things are further complicated as their equipment is sabotaged on their first trip, leaving them unable to return home. They are left travelling between unknown universes trying to find their way back, all the while knowing there is a traitor in their midst.

This is fairly standard stuff for comic books, and even calls up echoes of TV series such as Quantum Leap, Sliders and Voyagers. The thing that separates this from the others is the art work of Matteo Scalera. The book moves at a frantic pace between these worlds, but you spend your time scanning the various panels to see the level of detail and complexity they have developed in each of these universes. They are rich and quirky, such as the world where Native Americans have surpassed Western society in terms of technology (think robotic horses, hawks and giant totem robots). No explanation is given to these worlds, and often you are left to figure out the differences for yourself while the main story evolves.

black science 3

The art of Matteo Scalera is reminiscent of Ian Gibson (Halo Jones among others). It is a true comic style and is quite stylised, but very enjoyable. The pacing of the series is breakneck, which allows you to travel along with this group wondering what will happen next. They are currently going through cast members at an alarming rate, with some meeting a grizzly fate and whittling down the crew to a more select bunch. While there are some scenes of a mild sexual nature, this is essentially a series that would be enjoyable for young adults, or anyone who wants to explore the worlds they travel, an enjoyable escapade!

Find out more about Black Science here.

Black Science 2

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