Dublin Oldschool – Project Arts Centre – Review

Dublin Old School

Dublin Oldschool – Project Arts Centre

A near empty stage greets you on arrival to the space upstairs in the Project. It is filled with two microphones, placed central on the stage. It would be a set more suited to a music performance, a hip hop gig, and at times this is not far removed. When the lights fall the two performers take to the stage and fill it with noise.

This show was originally performed in the Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014 where it won the unusual award for joint Best Fringe Performers for the two cast members Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson. The script was also written by Kirwan, so it is a work close to his heart. The original performance was at Bewleys Cafe Theatre, so the move to the Project must be a shock to the system.

While there is no furniture on stage, the lighting of Sarah Jane Shiels more than makes up for it. The lights help tell the story with sudden changes of angle and intensity. The play moves briskly around the streets of Dublin, constantly name checking streets and landmarks. This is a wild and drug fueled Dublin, filled with junkies and homeless, house parties with thumping beats and all night raves.

The script has some great lines, interesting devices and a wonderful array of characters. It draws on works such as Howie the Rookie, but still very much has its own feel. Emmet Kirwan stays in character as Jason, a young man just about holding it together on a long running narcotics binge. Ian Lloyd Anderson creates the rest of the world; junkies, scobies, dealers, ex-girlfriends, gardaí, superstar DJs and even ‘Dave the Rave’. This is the type of production that in the wrong hands could be truly awful and that makes you appreciate the performances all the more. The only downside to this production is that it’s only on until Saturday! Get along to it if you can.

Dublin Oldschool – Project Arts Centre

10 December 2014-13 December 2014 8.00pm
Matinee 13 December, 3.00pm, €16/14
Tickets €16/14

Writer: Emmet Kirwan
Director: Phillip McMahon
Cast: Emmet Kirwan. Ian Lloyd Anderson
Lighting Designer: Sarah Jane Shiels
Sound Designer: Ivan Birthistle

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