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Monument Valley. Beautiful mobile game gets new levels

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset While it’s true we don’t often talk about gaming on NMWH but sometimes a game comes along that transcends the world of gaming and leaves a lasting mark on you in so many different ways. With Monument Valley you get not just an interesting puzzle-solving adventure but also an incredibly beautiful series of architectural wonders and a perfect soundtrack over the course of a genuinely emotional (if all too brief) journey. The game has become hugely popular and beloved for obvious reasons and the good news is that next Thursday uswto, the studio behind the game, are releasing some new levels entitled Forgotten Shores. Now normally this wouldn’t mean much but if you know Monument Valley you know that each level is so painstakingly gorgeous that you can buy beautiful official prints of them to hang on your wall. I for one am very, very excited.  

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