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Peter Broderick – Workman’s Club – Review

Peter Broderick on Violin, Dublin

Peter Broderick took to the stage in Dublin a little after nine and we were lucky to have him. Peter was due to play Cork the day before (19th Oct) but the gig was cancelled as his ferry did not travel due to high winds. With God’s grace, the storm lifted long enough to let Peter and band through to Dublin. Peter Broderick performed as part of a four piece band, which was something of a surprise as previously I had only seen him solo. Peter is a great solo performer as he has so many tricks in his bag that he can fill the venue with looped vocals and a wide variety of instruments. Tonight was a new experience with a fuller sound of guitar, bass and drums, as well as whatever Peter had to offer.

He has just released a new EP ‘Colours of the Night’ and the set opened with a rendition of the title song. There is a new album on the horizon and he is one of those artists that easily changes musical genre and style. He has a wide variety of sounds and collaborations in his back catalogue in a career that only spans back to 2007. The set list included a good taste of the new EP as well as a number of tracks off earlier work.

Peter left the stage at a variety of times during the set to enter the audience, to play drums, sample our singing or even just dance and abuse his fellow band mates from below. He’s a natural on stage and at great ease with the crowd. The stand out song of the night was a stunning version of ‘Below it’. He finished the night with ‘More and More’ from his new EP, which included a wonderful ‘mouth trumpet’ solo. The encore was a solo version of ‘Not at Home’ with guitar and violin.  What really strikes home is how easily Peter changes between guitar, violin and piano. He’s an impressive musician and a friendly character on stage. A lovely way to spend a Monday evening!


Support on the night was from Loch Lomond from Portland. It was unexpected to get an established artist as a support act, and Ritchie Young performed a variety of solo tracks before inviting Megan onto the stage for backing vocals and xylophone. Peter Broderick later joined them to add some violin to the proceedings. It felt more like two main acts rather than one supporting the other.



The most requested song of the evening, which unfortunately Peter could not remember how to play!

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