Hard Working Class Heroes – 04-10-14 – Review

FLapes Live

The last night of the festival and after the rain of Friday night, there was more around for the Saturday gigs. I started my night with a trip to see Deaf Joe at the Button Factory. His album is one of my favourite Irish albums of the year, so it was interesting to see his live set even with a small crowd in attendance.

Acrobat are a good solid rock band that certainly know what they are doing. They looked like the band ‘most likely to succeed’ out of those I saw this weekend. HAWK were the surprise of the weekend and a name to look out for. They are a partly Irish band based in London and played a solid set in the Button Factory.

Elaine Mai then showed the danger of playing with a computer as her sound card cut out on her half way through the set! She recovered well from it and kept the crowd happy. Hare Squead bounced their way through a fun set at Meeting House Square, and showed that festivals are all about good times. They got a great reaction from the crowd. Fight Like Apes were probably the biggest name of the weekend, and the crowd was well geared up after Hare Squead. They kept the vibe going to the midnight hour.

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