The Seagull and Other Birds – Project Arts Centre – Sept 25 – Oct 5

The Seagull

The Seagull and Other Birds – Dublin Theatre Festival – Sept 29th until Oct 5th

Americanitis opens tonight at the Dublin theatre festival, but it already feels familiar. The many hours of rehearsal for this project have been open to the public, along with various dress rehearsals and other events. It was a brave move to throw open your doors to the public and allow them to see the different stages of the project. Some ideas have been jettisoned and others added, as the work slowly progressed to a state they were happy with. The slow and steady evolution of the piece has been fascinating to watch, and it is quite a different bird from the early stage production that featured as a free event in last year’s festival.

The production incorporates various works from Chekov to Albee and music from the Boomtown Rats and the Happy Mondays. You’ll get a full list as soon as you site down in the Project! It promises to be one of the most exciting events of the festival.

The Seagull and Other Birds is a roller coaster reimagining of Anton Chekhov’s much-loved comic masterpiece.

The performance centres around a concise new version of The Seagull integrated with a number of works specially commissioned by the company. Through the wormhole of the new work, Chekhov’s characters find themselves in extraordinarily different contexts: classic plays, TV shows, YouTube and stuff they’ve just made up.

The result is playful and uncompromising – expect lots of talk about art, some action, and tons of love.

Creators of The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane and Everyone Is King Lear In His Own Home, Pan Pan Theatre continue to explore and document wholly original ways to experience and experiment with theatre.

Find out more about Pan Pan here.

The Seagull and Other Birds – Dublin Theatre Festival – Sept 29th until Oct 5th

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