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A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos – Album Review

Atomos - A Winged Victory for the Sullen This is the second full length release from duo Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran. Adam is better known for his work as part of Stars of the Lid, the ambient drone project that are right at the fore front of that musical style. AWVFTS have one previous release, that was the 2011 self titled album. This was toured extensively and set their name as a live experience as much as an album band. The track list reads like a wonderful repetitive swish, with each track named by a single roman numeral after the album title, but the observant amongst you will notice that Atomos IV is skipped! This fact will intrigue, and also shows a playful nature. I had a strange fascination with the first release in 2011. It was an album that you could listen to at any stage, and it would enfold you in its warmth. I ended up listening to it for months before another album captured me and I moved on. There has been no radical departure, no substantial evolution in sound. The strings slowly build, then fade. The piano ripples in mesmeric fashion. There are a variety of subtle electronic sounds in the background, that fill out the sound and enrich it. This is all you would expect if you know the first album, and fans of their work would want nothing else. The various instruments take the limelight and then move into the background in such a slow and gradual progression that you only notice if you are paying close attention. It is the type of album you can start again as soon as it finishes. The most surprising thing about this release is that it was commissioned by choreographer Wayne McGregor for his latest work. McGregor is known for his work on the Lotus Flower video for Radiohead (below). He was excited by the reaction of his dancers to the previous release and got in contact with the duo. In one sense at least, this is dance music! I guess it just depends on the dance.

1. Atomos I 2 Atomos II 3. Atomos III 4. Atomos V 5. Atomos VI 6. Atomos VII 7. Atomos VIII 8. Atomos IX 9. Atomos X 10. Atomos XI 11. Atomos XII

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