Interview – Lords of Strut – Tiger Dublin Fringe


The Lords of Strut are performing on the Peacock stage of the Abbey from September 9th to 13th  as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival. Emily Elphinstone had the chance to talk to the guys. You can see the results below.

So how did the ‘Lords of Strut’ begin?

It was an accident, we’re going to stop any day now.

Tell me a bit about your new show ‘Chaos’

We’re in Edinburgh now and we forgot to put the title of the show “Chaos” on the poster. But the show is the same characters we have been working with for five years, they are a bit more developed and more stupid. They still don’t get on very well and think they should be famous and with Chaos are living their dream.

How do you go about creating new shows? Does the Physicality come first, or the script?

We’ll start with an over all idea and also we’ll both have routines we have been thinking of doing. Then the script becomes the most important thing and about 100 drafts later we’ll have something we can start shaping into a show.

You do street performance as well as stage shows: how different is the experience? Have you learnt things from one that you adopt in the other?

The street gets you good and battle hardened. You always have to deal with something unexpected on the street. So when things go wrong on stage that’s often where we have most fun. But the street is less predictable and that means you have to be more predictable with your shows.

Anything gone horribly wrong on stage so far?

In Adelaide this year on the opening night of a 5 week run I came out of a double acrobatic move and I landed in our shopping trolley, I didn’t have to cancel any shows but it meant I was in pain for four out of five weeks.

Now you’ve won a World Championship, what other awards do you have your eye on?

Nobel Peace prize would be good.

How was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival? It must be amazing to be part of such an event.

Edinburgh is huge, about 3000 shows are here. If you look at the program your head spins. Mostly to see shows you rely on word of mouth and that has been good for us. If people come on a recommendation they are usually more up for it and when we have people who know what their in for we have really fun shows.

What’s next for the Lord’s of Strut?

After Dublin Fringe we have to plan for touring in 2015, we’ll be going to Australia for the first couple of months and then we are looking at organising an Irish tour, we have never really done an Irish tour, just gigs here and there but it’s been on the cards for a while now to do a good tour in Ireland.

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