So We Beat On – Smock Alley – Block Box


So We Beat On – Smock Alley – Black Box

A young man stands waiting by the side of a road with the sound of traffic buzzing past. He is talking into a Dictaphone, recording memories of times gone past. Soon he is joined by another individual, a woman dragging a couple of suitcases, but she also carries a gun. It’s an unusual sight but doesn’t seem to startle the young man. They stand together and talk, while she waits on a car that will take her away.

This is the story of Eoin and Penelope, two young lovers who were never meant to be together. Their relationship has caused many problems, and has set their families against each other. The issue has reached a point where something had to be done, Penelope has been forced to leave. She wants Eoin to travel with her, while Eoin wants her to stay. They are two young lovers struggling to find a solution to a problem that seems beyond their control.

This is a new work by ‘The Man in the Black Pyjamas’ Theatre company. The play is just under an hour and tells the tale of the couples last moments together in Ireland. We wait to see what decision will be reached or how it will be resolved. They talk of their times together and their first kiss. They talk of meeting ten years from now, when their problems have passed and how different their lives will be then.

So We Beat On runs at the Black Box in Smock Alley until the 15th of August.

Company: The Man in the Black Pyjamas

Venue: Smock Alley Theatre, Black Box

Date: 13th to 15th August

Actors: Eva Hein and Oliver McKenna


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