Happenings – Good Will Hunting – Fitzwilliam Square – 16-08-14

Good Will Hunting

This is the second part of Happenings tribute to Robin Williams and has the added bonus that all proceeds go to charity which is a lovely touch. Go, sit and remember the good times.

Fitzwilliam Square – Saturday 16-08-14 • Good Will Hunting • Gates 7.30pm • €10

Ahhhh Robin Williams. What light and joy you brought to our lives.

This week we will be celebrating and remembering Robin Williams, with the very appropriate and classic Dead Poets Society in Merrion Square on Thursday. We’ll then show Good Will Hunting in Fitzwilliam Square on Saturday night.

Thursday • Dead Poet’s Society • Gates 8pm • €5 [event]

Saturday • Good Will Hunting • Gates 7.30pm • €10 [event]

Proceeds from Thursday’s event will go towards Pieta House. Another organisation (tbc) which works in the important area of mental health will receive proceeds from Saturday’s event.

With the tragic passing of a true legend Robin Williams, we think its time to open up the conversation on mental health. Their is no shame in seeking help, it only proves your strength. Please talk to someone. If you feel you can’t talk to friends and family, The Samaritans will take your call any time day or night on 116 123 or contact Pieta House.

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