Smock! – Free Performances of a New Play at Smock Alley!


Smock! – 14th – 20th July @ 7:30pm in Main Space

Smock! is a celebration of Smock Alley, which was written by Martin Maguire, who has worked extensively for TV on such programmes as The Clinic and The Tudors. It takes the theatre from when it was founded in 1662 to more recent times.

There are four free performances of the show, one tonight, tomorrow and two on Saturday. Get booking as I’m surprised they’re still available. Tickets are €15/12 otherwise, so get clicking here.

Funded by % for the Arts


A play by Martin Maguire. (Ros Na Rún, Glenroe, The Clinic, Fair City, the Tudors, Ballykissangel)

Throne of the Actress, Seat of the Bishop, Hearth of the greatest actors the world had ever seen. The thrilling story of Smock Alley Theatre, 1662.
Founded by a Scottish survivor of bankruptcy, shipwreck, war and the Great Fire of London, Smock Alley survived Shakespeare’s kings, Vikings, famine and rebellion and has found its way back to centre stage in World Theatre.

The story of Smock Alley is a rollicking ride through two and a half centuries of royalty, roguery and riots. From the skirts of bawds to the Matchless Orinda, the first professional woman playwright in history, Smock! delivers the goods on the players and the priests who built it up, the drunks and duelers who tore it down and the actor managers who gave it world renown.
Smock! is forty minutes of culture, comedy and craic.

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