Deeds of Deceit – Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle – Review

Deeds of Deceit
Deeds of Deceit – Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle – Review

The Irish Crown Jewels were stolen in 1907 in what was assumed to be an insider job. The safe in which the items were stored had not been tampered with. There were only two keys to the safe and neither were missing. No one is sure of the exact day they disappeared, as the safe had not been opened in over a month. They were discovered missing on the 6th of July 1907, four days before the arrival of King Edward VII to Dublin. The police investigation into the events were suppressed, and many think it was to avoid a scandal that went right to the top of Irish society and public life. This new play aims to shed light on the topic before letting the audience decide who is responsible for the crime.

The play is set in present day with the mysterious Verity White playing the role of lead investigator/ prosecutor. She is a supernatural creature, a Lady Justice if you will that summons the main protagonists, all long since dead, to the Chapel to be questioned. This cast of potential theives includes Arthur Vicars the Ulster King of Arms, his second in command Francis Shackleton, a Cleaner Mary Farrell among other possible culprits.

The play is set in the Chapel Royal in Dublin Castle. It is a wonderful space and very atmospheric, although doesn’t bear any great resembelence with a court house. Regardless, it does conjure up another era and sets the mood nicely. The protagonists are all dressed in period clothes and uniforms. They emerge from the back rooms as the audience takes their seats, staring us down with accusing eyes. Once the play starts, Verity takes the floor and commands the characters to take the stand, each in turn.

The supernatural device used to tell the tale is quite hard to swallow. You just have to accept it and move on, as it allows them to tell a fascinating story with a few surprising twists. There is an impressive cast, with Margaret McAuliffe leading the events as Verity White. This is an entertaining ‘who done it’ that has no clear answer at the end and leaves it for you to decide, and at €6 per ticket, there is very little risk involved!

Deeds of Deceit
Chapel Royal, Dublin Castle
Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th July 7.30pm (Matinees Sat/ Sunday at 4.30pm)
Ticket Price €6
On-line Booking

Find out more about Speckintime Theatre Company here.

Michael James Ford (Ripper Street, Citizen Charlie / Gate Theatre; Anna Karenina, The Constant Wife, Lady Windermere’s Fan, Cyrano de Bergerac)
Gerard Lee (The Abbey: The House, Gate Theatre; Uncle Vanya)
Gordon Mahn (Game of Thrones, All Is By My Side)
Margaret McAuliffe (Rough Magic: Jezebel)
Deirdre Monaghan (The Food Guide To Love, Game of Thrones)
Colm O’Brien (Mouth on Fire: Play, Catastrophe, Ohio Impromptu)
Matthew O’Brien (Game of Thrones)
Stephen Swift (Gate Theatre; Pride and Prejudice, Solomé, The Abbey: Major Barbara, The Government Inspector)

Writer/ Director – Matthew Ralli

Producer & Stage Manager – Melissa Nolan


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