Bloomsday Festival 2014 Events


Can you remember when Bloomsday was only a day? Seems a long time ago now, right? At this stage it’s bordering on a week full of events, celebrating the man with the hat, and his work.

I’m sure he’d approve of the pub crawl, if nothing else. While the day itself is on Monday (June 16th), there’s lots to do over the weekend, so check out the list below.

Bloomsday Festival 2014

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Saturday 14 June & Sunday 15 June, 2pm – 4.45pm – meet at North Great Georges Street


James Joyce said it would be a good puzzle to try to cross Dublin without passing a pub. Instead of taking up that challenge why not embrace Irish pub culture and literary culture. Meet surprise speakers, poets, singers and storytellers that will interact and guide you through three well-known Dublin pubs with readings from Dubliners and Ulysses. Meet at: James Joyce Centre, 35 N. Great George’s Street, Dublin 1.


Sunday, 15 June, 1pm – North Great Georges Street


Bringing Dubliners to life on the doorsteps of North Great George’s Street. The best bits of the 15 stories will be performed with audience participation in a magical musical procession. This event will feature actors and musicians from The Here Comes Everybody Players of Boston, Massachusetts.


Sunday 15th June, 1pm – North Great Georges Street


Happenings run pop up, innovative and spontaneous cultural events around Dublin – we like to be a bit dierent. We’re re-imagining Bloomsday. Our Street Feast “Tea Party” on North Great Georges Street will showcase the wackier side to Edwardian Dublin. A Tea Party that’s more Mad Hatter than high society. It wasn’t all white linen and straw hats; they really knew how to have a good time! So come meet the real Joyce’s alter-ego. Hop under the covers and into bed with Molly Bloom, stu yourself with cupcakes, cream buns & juices from our apothecary, win some prizes at the ridiculous & bizarre lucky potato sports day and dance the afternoon away at The Gramophone Disco.


Sunday, 15 June, 6pm


The 1914 Parliament will sit under the watchful eye of an Honorary Speaker to hear passionate proposals from costumed speakers on how life in Dublin and Ireland can be improved over the next 100 years up to 2014, recalling the era of James Joyce’s Dubliners. You can question the speakers on their motions and vote to approve such proposals as votes for women, Home Rule for Ireland, the abolition of censorship, and themes addressed in Joyce’s Dubliners stories.


Monday, 16 June, 7pm – The Sugar Club


James Joyce meets Rocky Horror. Dress up for a night of cinema and entertainment that will bring to life the magic of Ulysses. Treat yourself to an interactive screening of the 1967 classic lm by Joseph Strick in The Sugar Club. After the screening, join James Joyce in some crazy-legged dancing and absinthe drinking. Looking for inspiration for what to wear? Find your inner Edwardian, take 60s style from the lm or cross-dress in true Rocky Horror style. Warning! The lm will be cut short and the nal half hour replaced with a live version of Dirty Penelope!

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