Creepy Jimmy – Chancery Lane Theatre – Review

Creepy Jimmy

Creepy Jimmy – Review by Emily Elphinstone

Creepy Jimmy, the title character of ‘Tiny Little Gods’ new show; is special in every sense of the word, and rather too innocent for life in the real world. But here he is in the new show by Aaron and Sarah Lennon-Ross, ready to tell the world about his great business ideas … as long as there’s someone to supervise his presentation of course. Despite his confidence and business training, Jimmy is not a natural entrepreneur; and ideas like the ‘Children’s Precious Playtime Van’ may have their flaws. Portraying such a vulnerable character could have felt patronising, but played with sensitivity and feistiness by Aaron Lennon-Ross, Jimmy is by no means a victim; and having director Sarah on stage throughout as the Jimmy’s supervisor, adds an extra meta-theatrical level to proceedings.

Making the most of the illustrative and imaginative skills demonstrated on the company’s blog, ‘Creepy Jimmy’ is helped along with a PowerPoint Presentation of drawings and photos, enabling lonely Jimmy to finally tell everyone what he’s been up to with his ‘number one best friend’ Jipetto. This is not a polished production, but the deliberate rough edges make the show all the more amusing, and Jimmy all the more endearing: he has, after all, put this together himself! It is clear that elements of the show are improvised, which adds to the playful atmosphere, though there were a few moments where the energy dropped slightly. However, behind the atmosphere of improvisation there’s a brilliantly written script, and there are many laugh-out-loud lines that will remain with you even after the show has finished.

If you haven’t been to the wonderful Chancery Lane Theatre yet, I’d certainly recommend heading down there, and now is the right time to do it. ‘Creepy Jimmy’ is hilarious and surprisingly moving, and will, we hope, be only the first of many more theatre shows from Tiny Little Gods Productions.

See our interview with Aaron and Sarah Lennon Ross on Creepy Jimmy here.

Creepy Jimmy is on in Chancery Lane Theatre until May 31st at 6.30pm. Tickets are available from

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