Interview with Sean Maguire – ‘Songs For Amy’


Songs For Amy‘ was released on 2nd of May. It is the story of a struggling Irish musician who writes an album to try to win back the love of his life, Amy. The film is now showing at the IMC Galway and the Screen Dublin. Here is our interview with lead actor, Sean Maguire:

Congratulations on your new Movie “Songs for Amy”. Can you tell me what attracted you to the part?

Lots of things, it was a role that I hadn’t played before in a movie, and I felt it had heart and comedy which is hard to find.

I have to applaud you on your very authentic Irish accent in the film! Did you enjoy filming in Ireland?

Thank you, with most of my family living in Ireland that’s something I felt I had to get right! And it was a joy to spend 2 months in beautiful Galway, in Kinvara especially.

With the success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign and I notice that Songs for Amy is doing crowd funding through indiegogo, how do you feel this way of funding feature films is changing the industry?

I think it’s great and is an extension of the spirit of independent film making. Now you don’t have to be independently wealthy or have the backing of a studio to get a film made.

After having a pretty successful music career in your late teens did you relish the chance to flex your music ability in this movie?
I was more frightened than excited but that’s part of the challenge of taking on a role, pushing yourself in areas that aren’t always your strongest suit.

You have had a very enviable career in terms of consistent work from being a child actor in the UK to your success in the US. You seem to have succeeded where many of your soap star peers have failed in breaking through in the US. What do you think the secret of your success has been?

If I can be thought of as a success it’s only due to the continued support and patients of my wife and family. I would never have lasted so long if it wasn’t for them keeping me sane and picking me up when things weren’t going so well.

Last question…if you, Sean, had to redeem yourself to your fiancee what would you do?

Haha begging comes to mind.

Interview by LAW

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