TV: Hannibal, Louie, Lindsay Lohan


This weeks TV guide is all about TV programs with names in the title. Hannibal is back on Tuesday night on Sky Living (10pm) as we find poor old empathetic Will Graham in prison, while Hannibal the Cannibal is out in the world investigating and constructing crimes and spending his free time in his culinary pursuits. Most of this season will revolve around Will’s fight to prove his innocence and Lecter’s guilt and the cat and mouse game between the two is beautifully portrayed by Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. This season is nearly over in the US and has gained hugely positive reviews from viewers, so even if you didn’t manage to catch the first season (which is available via the on demand box set facility on Sky) you should check it out.


Back also for its fourth season on Fox is Emmy winning Louie (Thursday, 11pm), staring the hilarious Louie CK. The series returns after a self imposed year long hiatus between season 3 and season 4 so Louie could come back with a really great season filled with plenty of A-List comedic guest stars such as Jerry Seinfield, Sarah Silverman and Ellen Burstyn. The series pans from gross out humour to complicated pathos as Louie creates a fictional world based on reality. And as all great comedians know, a reality that is filled with jokes is also filled with all the other unsavory parts of being human.


Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Low-han. What can I say about this car crash documentary series made by Oprah, seeking to tell the truth about this former child star trying to claw back her career whilst struggling with her alcoholism and seeming inability to maintain any order in her life. This series is showing on TLC on Sunday at 9pm and the first two episodes start from her first post-rehab interview with Oprah. We are told via sub-title that this was Lohan’s sixth rehab attempt and she is shown being accompanied everywhere by her sobriety coach- who is no Lucy Lui. Lohan attempts to move into an apartment in New York, needing a 10 million deposit mainly due to the fact she is Lindsay Lohan and the money for which is stumped up by the production company of the series. This seemingly simple task goes hysterically awry as her realtor appears to be completely shady and the production company take back their checks as Lohan continually refuses to be filmed. Totally watchable.




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