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Ought – More Than Any Other Day – Album Review

Ought More than any other day

‘There’s something, something you believe you in, but you can’t touch it, and you can’t hold it’ – Habit

An honest to God four piece playing quirky guitar based rock? Post punk is what they call it on their record labels web site, if that means anything to you. You need to be damn good at what you do to get noticed, to get your head above the plethora of average bands out there, doing pretty much the same as every else. Basically you need real quality to get people to sit up and take notice. The case for the defence is Ought, a band from Montreal who are deserving of your attention.

Vocalist Tim Beeler has a nice shout, and something to say for himself. The lyrics are filled with existential angst, and are a touch reminiscent of a young David Byrne or Mark E Smith, if you were looking for easy comparisons.

‘Tell me what the weather’s like, so I don’t have to go outside’ – The Weather song

The bass lines capture the imagination, and add to the overall structure. Simple guitar lines and drums with lots of cymbals for the louder moments.  You can easily take apart what they are doing, and you can hear each instrument separately. This is music with space and clarity, the music of a garage band that know what they are doing. There is a nice looseness about the sound, the production hasn’t cleaned it within an inch of its life, and it still feels nicely raw, the edges left intact.

‘Are we half way there yet, or are we lost forever, are we lost forever’- Around Again

Out – More Than Any Other Day is released on Constellation records.

1. Pleasant Heart
2. Today, More Than Any Other Day
3. Habit
4. The Weather Song
5. Forgiveness
6. Around Again
7. Clarity!
8. Gemini

Matt May: Keys
Ben Stidworthy: Bass
Tim Keen: Drums, Violin
Tim Beeler: Vocals, Guitar

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