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Micah P Hinson and The Nothing – Album Review

Micah P Hinson

This is Micah’s 7th album, if you believe Wikipedia at least (always dangerous) but with a style such as his, it’s easy to rack up the albums. They’re nicely lo-fi and not the type where thousands are spent ironing out every crease. This new album captures the feeling of his live show, which is something I’m sure he’d be very happy to hear!

The album opens with a loud guitar driven song ‘How Are You Just A Dream’, before the speed and sound drops a couple of notches, to something more accustomed. There are proper country songs, folk songs and a world in-between.

There are some interesting arrangements, with violin featuring heavily towards the end of the first single ‘On The Way Home (To Abilene)’. A Theremin and choir feature on ‘A Million Light Years Away’ and ‘The Quill’ is played on an old rattling Saloon piano, and also features Cello among other strings. Pedal steel guitar and Banjo are on a few tracks, as well as the more expected guests of guitar, bass and drums.

‘And some some lonely day, you’ll write me and say,

it never was hard to love the boy that stole my heart away’ – A Million Light Years Away.

The one constant is Micah’s own rasping voice, and the man has they type of iconic voice that could become the Johnny Cash of his generation. Of course, a lot of balls have to land perfectly for this to happen. There’s a lot of people out there that end up playing bars and never move onto bigger settings. We’re never going to get the pop crossover album from Micah, he knows what he loves, and he’s been doing it for a number of years. This is another album to be enjoyed by his fans and to be ignored by the rest of the world. Choose your side wisely!

Micah P Hinson website.

Micah P. Hinson and The Nothing was released on March 10th on Talitres Records.

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