TV Review: Veronica Mars Special


A long time ago…I used to watch a TV program about a teen sleuth. I can’t remember what channel it used to be on (I’m thinking something like Nickelodeon) and I didn’t watch it religiously (possibly due to not knowing what channel it was on) but I liked it. Liked it enough to buy the box sets. It was cancelled after three seasons, it’s last episode left somewhat on a cliff hanger. Fans were devastated and petitioned for it to be renewed but all for naught. Fast forward six years later, the arrival of Kickstarter and a fan base willing to self fund a feature length movie to tie up loose ends and bring back well loved characters and you have Veronica Mars: The Movie. I was a backer and my digital download arrived in the early hours of March 14th, to coincide with the worldwide release.

A mini pilot had been filmed when season three had been cancelled where they had fast forwarded a few years from ‘Veronica:The College Years’ and we saw our super sleuth as an FBI agent, so many fans might have thought that this would be the basis of the film. However Rob Thomas, creator and director of both series and film, reintroduced us to Veronica on the eve of graduating from Law School, about to get her first high powered job in New York. She is living with her college boyfriend, Piz, who is a public radio presenter and life is going perfectly. That is until she is drawn back into the seedy world of Neptune, the Californian town she grew up in, after her ex-boyfriend Logan Echolls is accused on murdering his girlfriend. According to Thomas, the main reason the FBI plot was given the flick was because he found it impossible to bring Mac, Weevil, Dick and Wallace back into that plot. And the fans were very definite on wanting to see the old cast back for their movie.

Much like the Dawson’s Creek love triangle, fans fell into #TeamPiz or #TeamLogan camps. Now Piz is a nice guy, don’t get me wrong. A pacifist. A guy you can depend on. The kind of guy who won’t declare his love for you and then roll into bed with his best friends stepmother. Even if she is Charisma Carpenter. But Logan and Veronica. Well their love was epic. Spanning years and continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed. EPIC. So fans of the show were very invested into what was going to play out in the movie when Logan and Veronica were reunited after nine years apart. Although the movie does a nice round up of the TV show after the opening credits, it’s hard to know how far reaching an audience the movie will have outside the core group that watched the series. Warner Bros have expressed an interest in making a second movie if box office returns are good.

After viewing the movie last night I was left with a big smile on my face but it was like a really good episode and made me want to re-watch all the seasons. However I have to admit that I am not in their target age demographic any more (Sadface). And I can’t judge whether it will stand-alone to a new generation of teens. But the PI mystery theme is very low on the ground these days and a generation who grew up with Moonlighting, Remington Steel and dare I say it, Murder She Wrote will welcome its return.

Veronica Mars is available on demand from the Sky Store and is on general release.


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