Songs for Amy – Preview

Songs for Amy

Songs for Amy is a new Irish love story set in the west, that will hit Irish cinemas later in the year (May 2nd).

His aim is to ‘write the perfect album of love songs for her, to win her back. Sounds sweet, right? See what you think of the trailer below.

You can see details of their crowd funding campaign here.

Following preview success at film festivals around the world, Sonny and Skye, in partnership with Traverse Media have announced the Irish release of “Songs for Amy”. Premiering in Dublin on 1st May, the film will open in selected IMC Cinemas on 2nd May.

A love story set in the west of Ireland and New York; ‘Songs for Amy’ follows the plight of musician Sean O’Malley (Sean Maguire) as he tries to redeem himself with bride-to-be, Amy (Lorna Anderson), after a debauched stag do. With their relationship and Sean’s future happiness hanging in the balance, his plan is to write the perfect album of songs for her, with the help and hindrance from his misfit band mates.

The independent Irish film was written and produced by Fiona Graham, founder of Sonny and Skye Productions, and directed by BAFTA and Emmy nominated Konrad Begg, whose previous directing credits include Bear Grylls’ “Born Survivor and ‘Crimes that Shook the World’. This is Konrad Begg’s debut feature.


The partnership will be releasing “Songs for Amy” theatrically by way of a crowd-funding campaign to support the promotion of the film. Launching on 20th February, the Indiegogo campaign will help the film reach worldwide audiences with perks available for those who support the campaign ranging from t-shirts, location tours, meeting the cast and everything in-between.


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