Top 10 Christmas Movies


Ok, an old post but a good one. More repeats at Christmas!

Some of the very Christmas movies that almost made the list are: Crash (Paul Haggis not David Cronenberg), Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Silent Night, Deadly Night (part 1 and 2), Silent Night, Bloody Night, Muppet Christmas Carol ( It’s been done to death, but it hasn’t been done to death with Muppets! New life is breathed.)

10. Bad Santa – It’s an average movie, but a nice premise, and I like that people gave out to Joe Duffy about it at the time it was released. Hey, they give them certificates for a reason, it’s not for kids! One line stands out ‘f*** me Santa, f*** me Santa’ and repeat.

9. Scrooged – Bill Murray does the Christmas Carol, and it’s better than most of the efforts at this tale. It’s all about Bill really, with some very good one liners. God, look at his hair…

8.Brazil – The Internet says this was set at Christmas. Terry Gilliam’s classic 1984 tale of a future world gone slightly bonkers.

7. Lethal Weapon – Mel before we all knew he was mental. Muck, but good muck. Watch Mel go Christmas tree shopping…

6. Batman Returns – That’s the one with Penguin and Catwoman, and is probably the best of Tim’s Bat movies. It looks great and rips along at a good pace. Lots of fun.

5. Wonderful Life – This will melt the toughest of hearts. I guess all the bankers can watch this movie, and see what the world would be like without them. Nah, I think it only works if you’re a banker and Jimmy Stewart.

4. Die Hard – A Christmas Airport movie, and a very good one at that. I’m not an action movie fan, but there’s a few that move above the norm, and this is one.

3. Nightmare before Christmas – Is this not a Halloween movie? Anyway, I’m using it. Lovely animation and great ideas, even if the music isn’t great at times.

2. Gremlins – A timeless classic and possibly Joe Dante’s best work? Hard to say, as there’s so much that’s good about his work. Love this movie, actually must watch it again soon.

1. Trading Places – This really is a gem of a movie. Hard not to love it.

and time for just one more…

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