Jupiter Ascending – Trailer


As I’m sure I’ve said before on this site, one of my friends has a theory that the Wachowski brothers (siblings) were killed after the first Matrix movie in some kind of automotive accident, and were replaced by two people pretending to be them, doppelgängers if you will. It’s an outlandish theory, but he does have some back up in the fact that the first Matrix movie was spot on, and the other two were unspeakably bad. Even 1996’s Bound was pretty impressive, so what happened to them exactly? To that I have no answer.

Jupiter Ascending is the first piece of new writing since the Matrix, as we have had Speed Racer, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas since the third instalment of the Matrix and from the trailer below, it could be interesting. Ok, it’s asking a lot from them for a return to form, but you never know…

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