TV Review – Woman Raised by Monkeys, Trading Places, Sherlock..


We’re officially in the countdown to Christmas and here and there you will find the Christmas movies creeping into the schedule. For a bit of schmaltz there is Love Actually on RTE1,Wednesday 9.35pm, which has at least one good movie in between about 6 terrible ones. My favourite is the one with Colin Firth- if anyone is interested. Best choice of the seasonal movies this week has got to be Trading Places on Film 4 on Friday, 9pm staring Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Eddie Murphy.

A fascinating documentary is being shown on National Geographic channel on Thursday at 9pm: The Woman Raised by Monkeys. I remember reading an article on this story a couple of years ago in the Sunday papers. It tells the story of a real life Mowgli, a woman named Marina Chapman who says that she was abducted aged 5 from her home in Colombia in the 1950’s and abandoned in the rain forest. Her survival was facilitated by her adoption by a troop of monkeys. She travels back to Columbia to see if she can find any link to her birth family or any evidence to support her story. Psychiatrists have said that she is suffering from false memory however her affinity to the jungle and the monkey inhabitants tell a different story.

Film 4 are also showing the 2012 film Compliance on Tuesday, 11.05pm. This movie is based on a real-life incident and would have made a fantastic documentary in itself. The true story is that of a hoax caller who duped managers of over 70 fast food restaurants in 31 states in the US to strip search, humiliate and sexually abuse a staff member. When screened at the Sundance Film Festival chaos ensued after the screening regarding making violence against women entertainment. At the premiere of the film in New York there were multiple walkouts. So if you choose to watch, be prepared to be uncomfortable at best, outraged at worst.

Finally I’ve just caught the trailer for Sherlock and I cannot wait for New Years to catch what has been to date an outstanding series. I’m a Cumberbitch all the way.


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