Fishes – Smock Alley Theatre – Review


It would be fair to say that Larry is a little depressed. He’s in the kitchen of his tiny run down flat above a bar, in his dressing gown at lunch time. The music from the fiddle player downstairs leaks through the floor, and seems to be taunting him. He’s just lost his job and girlfriend, his flat mate is a little bit crazy and a drunken night out in Coppers seems to have led to unexpected consequences. When his dole officer Eldridge turns up, Larry is guilty of over sharing. He starts to unload his problems on Eldridge and seeks advice. Eldridge only wants to check some facts and figures but he gets considerably more than he bargained for!

This play is set in the kitchen of the tiny flat. This is well created in the open space of the boys school in Smock Alley. There is a simple kitchen table, with a variety of pieces of furniture that would be typical of the setting; fridge and washing machine etc. The play flits between the scene in the kitchen with Larry and Eldridge to scenes in Larry’s imagination and memory, through use of light and sound.

This is a one hour play starring David Fennelly as Larry and John Doran as Eldridge and many other character in Larry’s life, including his flat mate Dom, his Mother and a prankster school boy. This is a funny and well paced comedy that buzzes along, mostly due to the talents of the two actors. Fennelly carries the awkward and slightly lost Larry with style and Doran flies through a variety of roles and styles with his multiple characters. Comedy is often the most difficult thing to get right, but this light hearted affair has plenty of giggles and guffaws along the way.

Fishes runs at the Boys School in Smock Alley Theatre until December 11th, with tickets at €12/10.

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