TV Preview – Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves / Clear History


BBC 4 are the home of fantastic Scandinavian drama’s these days and I’m really looking forward to the three part series beginning on Monday night, Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves. Set in the 1980’s in Stockholm, this tender drama documents the response to AIDS amongst the gay community and the wider community. The series is based on a novel by Jonas Gardell and was hailed by critics when aired in 2012 in Sweden. It also beat out Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead to win the Audience Award this year at the Series Mania Festival in Paris.

The first part “Love” begins when Rasmus arrives in Stockholm from his small rural hometown and embraces the gay lifestyle the city has to offer. Benjamin is a Jehovah Witness, going from door to door spreading the word, until his life changes when he knocks on Paul’s door, one of the warmest and funniest gay men ever created. At Paul’s annual Christmas party Rasmus and Benjamin meet and fall in love. Their happiness is short-lived though as young men around them become sick and die as the Aids epidemic suddenly strikes at the heart of their community.

Clear History is a HBO comedy film showing on Sky Atlantic on Friday at 9pm and stars Jon Hamm and Larry David with an impressive supporting cast of Michael Keaton (please let him come back as Beetlejuice in the planned sequel!), Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Danny McBride, Philip Baker Hall and Bill Hader. Larry David plays a disgraced marketing executive who quits his job after an argument with his boss only to see the company reach unimaginable success. He assumes a new identity and plots revenge on his former employer when he moves to his town. The film seems to have garnered mixed reviews but I imagine that if you are a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm you will enjoy it.

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